Infrared Home Inspections

Infrared building inspections are a fast and noninvasive way to identify and document problem areas that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Infrared thermography is the use of an infrared thermal imaging camera that can “see” and ”measure” the invisible heat (thermal) energy that is emitted by all objects and produce thermal images (called thermograms) that can identify the thermal anomalies that represent the potential problem areas.

Water intrusion, moisture problems, heat/energy loss, air infiltration, missing or damaged insulation, pest infestation and electrical overheating are all conditions that produce different thermal patterns.

A properly trained and certified thermographer can interpret the thermal patterns or anomalies and identify and investigate the suspect conditions. Not all thermal patterns or anomalies are problems. The inspection should include a thorough written report of all the findings and recommendations, as well as natural photographs and thermal images of the suspect conditions.