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Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT)

What is Wett?

WETT stands for wood energy technology transfer, a non profit training and education association developed to provide safe and effective use of wood burning appliances. Wett Certified members are specially trained to ensure that your wood burning appliance and chimney conforms to current building code standards, manufacturer specifications and installations.

When To Get A Wett Inspection

  • The number one reason to get an inspection is for safety! Wood burning appliances that are installed incorrectly or not maintained properly can be extremely dangerous.
  • Your Insurance company will require you to have a wett inspection to insure your home.When To Get A WETT Inspection.
  • After purchasing a home.
  • After a chimney fire.
  • After any alterations to the appliance or chimney.
  • For piece of mind that your appliance and chimney are safe and legal.

What If My Appliance or Fireplace Do Not Pass

If your wood burning appliance/fireplace does not conform to the current building code standards, manufacturer specifications or installations you will get a list or remedial actions that will need to be completed in order to submit your Wett report to your insurance provider.

Wett Certified Member: Brandon Burton Wett #11324