Walk Through Home Inspection

Walk through home inspections have become increasingly more popular with the extremely competitive nature of current real estate market.

What is a "Walk Through" Home Inspection?

A walk through inspection is a home inspection that is conducted during one of your "walk through's " of a home before you make an offer. Walk through inspections are similar to standard home inspections except that they are performed during a walk through, which limits the duration of the inspection to under an hour. Due to the restricted time frame, a walk through inspection is geared towards to major components of the home and give you general sense of the condition of the home before making an offer.

Why are Walk Through Inspections So Important?

In the current housing market homes are often selling over asking price and offers do not include any conditions such as a home inspection in an attempt to stay competitive with other buyers offers. Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and omitting an inspection can be a costly mistake. Walk through inspections are designed to give you an insight of the condition of the property and providing you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make an informed decision before you making an offer.

Although walk through inspections are not as in depth as a "standard home inspection" they are the best way to help protect yourself in a market that generally does not allow you to make conditional offer without the risk of your offer being declined. Due to walk through inspections being a shorter duration they are also have a reduced fee which can be converted into a full inspection by paying the remaining fee of a full inspection . When upgrading your walk through inspection we will return at a later date allowing us sufficient time to thoroughly inspect all components of the home.