Fall Maintenance Tips

Clean the gutters:

With the fall weather upon us tree leaves are falling and clogging your gutters. It is important to clean out your gutters, inspect joints and brackets so your gutters can function properly and disperse rain water away from your homes foundation. The further you can get rain water away from your home the less likely you will be to have leaks and foundation issues. Clogged gutters will often cause ice damming on your roof.

Check for peeling paint:

look around the exterior of your home for paint that is peeling or blistering. Paint that is peeling/blistering will no longer protect wood from the elements causing it to rot. A small amount of paint now could save you lots of money later!

Caulk windows and openings:

look around all exterior windows, doors and openings for caulking that has dried out, become brittle, deteriorated or missing. Properly caulking openings will prevent heat loss, drafts, water intrusion and bugs from entering your home.

Inspect your roof:

Your roof is one of the most important components to protecting your home. Check your roof for any signs of excessive wear, damage or leaks (leaks are often easier to see from the attic space). Repairing your roof before the winter is very important. It is often very difficult to fix a leaking roof in the winter and will usually end up causing more damage because cold shingles are extremely brittle.

Check furnace and fireplace:

You donít want to find out your furnace is not working when you need it so checking it ahead of time is wise. Having your furnace serviced regularly will keep it running at peak efficiency, increase lifespan and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Reverse ceiling fans:

Reversing the ceiling fan will cause an upward draft that forces the warm air sitting at ceiling level to be redistributed throughout the room.

Cover air conditioning:

With the colder weather it is time to close down your air conditioner. Remove any leaves, sticks and debris away the unit and gently wash the cooling fins and cabinet. After the air conditioner dries cover the unit with a tarp or cover to prevent important internal components from rusting.

Clean and winterize yard equipment:

Store any warm weather equipment. Drain any gasoline from motorized equipment or add fuel stabilizer. It is wise to get all your winter equipment running and organized before the snow falls.


Cut grass one final time and use a fall fertilizer to ensure good winter survival and a give your lawn a healthy start in the spring. Turn off any exterior taps and have sprinkler systems drained.

Smoke alarms:

Keep your family safe this heating season and test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries in smoke alarms and check to see if they have expired(smoke alarms have a shelf life of 8 years).