Nearby Construction could be damaging your home!

If there is road construction, housing developments or any other heavy equipment construction causing ground vibrations within ear shot of your house, you should be carefully monitoring your home and yard for any signs of damage or issues that were not present before the construction began.

Ground vibrations can cause:

  • ·Cracking in walls
  • ·Damage to mechanical systems
  • ·Doors and windows becoming misaligned or difficult to open
  • ·Damage to Foundation
  • ·Damage to concrete or block
  • ·Stucco cracks
  • ·Leaking in ground pools and more

If you notice any of these issues or any other signs of distress you should document it and contact the municipality you are located in. If your home has been damaged due to nearby construction you are entitled to compensation.

Although it is common for vibration damage, it often takes place without the knowledge of the home owner, whether that is because residents are at work during the day when the construction typically occurs or they haven’t thought to look. Home owners will also often see signs of damage and blame other causes, not linking it to the nearby construction.

It is typically not hard to see the physical damage but often components of the home like, mechanical systems, plumbing, and foundations are concealed and will only be apparent when there is a failure.